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Purito Products

Check out all of our Purito products below. From anti-acne vegan & organic sunscreen to hydrating face and body sunscreen. Purito has a sunscreen for everyone and for every occasion, made 100% cruelty free. Did we also mention that we are Australian made? Every Purito sunscreen is made here in Australia, to test the conditions of the harsh Australian sun. Made thicker, for your protection. 

Purito 30% Zinc Tattoo Sunscreen 

Purito 40% Zinc Whitening Sunscreen 

Vegan sunscreen

Purito’s 30% Zinc Tattoo Sunscreen mixture is made to prevent the after effects of sun exposure; instead leave your skin feeling nourished and well protected throughout the day. The Grapeseed Oil, comes with extreme moisturising properties, allowing your skin to feel hydrated during exposure, whilst still allowing for breathable skin. In addition, the mixture is made to prevent breakouts throughout your skin. Regenerating and revitalising is complimented through the Hyaluronic Acid, which works to repair any damaged area’s and continue to hydrate, even in strong heat conditions.

Anti-Aging Organic Sunscreen 

anti-ageing sunscreen

Skin is extremely damage prone after years of exposure to strong UV rays, in return our skin can age rapidly in comparison to minimal exposure, and cause fine lines and wrinkles. Hence, this sunscreen is made not only to prevent damage but works to heal previous damage. Sea Buckthorn Oil, is a regenerative ingredient. Whilst wearing Purito sunscreen, this oil works to heal and regenerate damaged areas throughout your skin. In addition, Bisabolol works as an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial extract, which in return prevents the collagen breakdown. The precision of this light mixture is complemented by the Green Tea Extract, working to avoid redness, puffiness and inflammation, whilst smoothing out areas of the skin prone to exposure.

Organic sunscreen

Purito Zinc Whitening works to prevent current sunlight exposure and reduce the effects of strong exposure in Australian sun. Working with Sea Buckthorn Oil, your skin is left feeling nourished through the stimulating effects of this active ingredient. Working throughout the day, this skin revitaliser works in conjunction with the gentle and soothing effects of the Green Tea Extract. This extract will reduce any inflammation that occurs on the skin, prevent irritation and reduce redness during and after exposure to sunlight. This calming concoction can be worn throughout the day; and works well on damage-prone or sensitive skin.

Purito Non-Comedogenic Anti-Acne Zinc Sunscreen 

anti-acne sunscreen

Calling all pimple preventers, with the extra active ingredients of Bisabolol and Oat Kernel Flour. Bisabolol, works as an anti-inflammatory for your skin, so you won’t have to deal with any of the nasty redness, with extra exposure to your skin. Made specifically to combat pimples and work even with the added base of sunscreen. Bisabolol is an anti-bacterial base, preventing collagen breakdown in addition to providing sunlight protection from UV Rays. To prevent your skin from drying out, Oat Kernel Flour, works as a moisturising agent, rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, the combining agents work to create a mixture that you can wear daily and use throughout any part of the skin.

Xtreme Sports Organic Sunscreen 

sports sunscreen

It’s important to remained focus on the game, without the added stress of sweat interference from your active sunscreens. That’s why the Purito Sweat Block Xtreme, is here to prevent, protect and create a natural barrier for your skin, so you can get on, with what’s important. Jojoba Seed Oil, is a moisturising and anti-oxidant ingredient. The Omegas in this oil creates a natural healing process, similar to the naturally occurring processes of our skin. Working with the added Glycerol, this anti-inflammatory agent creates a natural barrier, whilst it’s healing agents prevent a large breakout of pimples of redness. Additionally, this ingredient is a soothing agent and can reduce inflammation caused by dullness and dry skin. In combination with our natural and vegan ingredients, Purito Sweat Block Xtreme sunscreen has a number one priority, to protect you from the Australian sun, so that you can get on with the game.

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